Castle Hohenzollern

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We are going with you to two magnificent castles .... which tell us about the great history of the most ancient noble families of Germany ... Not a single Germanic family had such an influence on the history of Europe as the Hohenzollerns, when referring to this, they usually mean Prussian kings and kaisers

Sigmaringen Castle, spread out in the middle of the Swabian Alps, on the very bank of the Danube, attracts attention with its tall, powerful and majestic forms. Once the residence of the Hohenzollern and the largest castle in the valley of the Danube, today it is a large and very interesting museum, with a unique collection of weapons of the castle Sigmaringen, it is recognized as one of the largest private weapons collections in Europe

Hohenzollern Castle - "castle in the clouds", it is located on the very top of the Swabian Alb - the mountain of the same name, which rises above sea level more than 800 meters. Hohenzollern Castle, built in the Gothic style of the Renaissance in the likeness of medieval knightly castles, ranks second in beauty among the many castles that Germany is rich in.